Should we shop for food before we arrive?

Maybe.  The nearest shop, the Rivermart, is 10 minutes away in a gas station.  It has basics like milk and butter.  The Pendleton county seat and historic town of Franklin is 30 minutes away.  There is a grocery store there.  Our family is gluten free and dairy free.  And we like to maximize our time in nature and not shopping – so we bring our food in generally.  If you are coming from the east there is a GREAT farmers market, Woodbine, on 55 about 3 miles after you turn off 81.  They have wonderful local meats, fresh vegetables and fruit, local jams and syrup and more.

Are the mosquitoes bad in the summer?

No.  We occasionally see a random brown mosquito but there really aren’t any at this elevation.  It is nature so there are bugs but they aren’t bad. 

Can I bring a dog?

Yes you may bring a dog and take it from us your dog will love Spruce Knob Retreat. Our dog actually suffers depression for a couple of days when he gets back to the city.   We just ask that you pay a dog cleaning fee of $100 and provide an additional deposit per pet.  

Are there wild animals on the property?

Yes, if you go hiking around the 40 acres of woods you will definitely see signs of animals and maybe even see one. There is an abundance of birds depending on the time of year, as well as the occasional snake. We see deer often and have seen a variety of bird life. We have seen bear scat and heard bear and once a wild cat but sadly haven’t seen them yet.

What is there to do around the area?

Please read our section on what to do.

Is their cell signal at the house (and other communications questions)?

With TMobile and ATT we have never had signal. The closest place is a church about 6 miles from the house. However we do have a landline that we will share with you so you can receive calls. And we have an assumed $10 of long distance calling in each stay. However, if you would like to make a lot long distance calls we would prefer you use a service like Google Phone over the internet or a phone card. We can also just take long distance calls out of your deposit.

Can we camp?

Sure we camp at the house all the time. We do ask that you keep the number of people using the facilities of the house to 8 however. Let us know if you would like to have more people for a camping party. We can recommend where to order a port-a-potty as well as work out a price.

Can we hunt on the property?

For liability reasons, to keep our neighbors friendly, and because we want to keep the animals on our property, we do not allow hunting anywhere on the property of Spruce Knob Retreat.  There are many places to hunt very near to our house during the season.  Rivermart in Riverton is where you can get licenses and information.  Or, please email us and we will provide you with more information. 

Do you have anything to accommodate babies?

We have a smallish pack and play type crib, a jumper that attaches to a doorway, baby gate and high chair.  Let us know beforehand and we will get them out and ready for you.  

Feel free to email us if you have additional questions.