In the Spring –

Spring comes later to the mountains so it might be chillier here that where your coming from. You will see animal sign, a full creek with snow run off, rock fields, the trees budding, and the birds returning in full glory. The first wildflowers will be growing in the field.

You might have a fire in the fire pit in the evening out on the patio. The stars should be fabulous. You may hear beers or see deer or turkey.

In the hammock

In the Summer –

It is fabulously cool in the mountains. The weather is often perfect while just down the road people are sweltering. Rest and read a book on the hammock while the kids play in the field. After a swim in the swimming hole on the Potomac you might come home to have a campfire out in the fire ring and roast marshmallows. The kids might camp out as the grown ups stay up late talking and gazing at the stars.

On the property you can climb to the top and see a whole field of wild blueberries. Earlier in the summer the whole mountain might be in bloom with mountain laurel. Black raspberries grow in the field. Mushrooms grow throughout the site, so we have staged many a fairy hunt with our kids. Our kids have found newts and frogs in the creek.

A view across the road

In the Fall –

The leaves are spectacular on the mountain. You might see deer crossing and lots of little mammals getting ready for winter. The weather is chilly but still wonderful for a hike to the top of the mountain or down to the creek.

Winter gully

In the Winter –

The weather can be cold but with that comes the snow! The same path that we use to hike up the mountain, is a great way to sled down! We also have snow shoes and if you have cross country skis those would also be great on the paths. When the snow comes it is amazing to take a hike and spot all the animal tracks with the kids.

Each season gives you plenty of opportunity to explore the 40 acres of nature and recharge.